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Welcome to the center of the Dinar World -

Hello reader, and welcome to, the hub of the Dinar News Network. My name is Adam Montana, and I'll be introducing you to the family of sites!

This will be a work in progress as the sites are integrated and expanded as necessary, but so far - this is what we have.

#1 - my blog is is a fantastic resource for many things, including instructions on how to invest in the ISX and open a Warka savings account. Additionally, I voice my thoughts on the current events of the Iraqi Dinar several times a month, sometimes several times a week.

#2 - the biggest, most informative, and most resourceful message board in existence is You are welcome to join the community and ask any questions you may have, join in the discussions, hang out in the chat room, or just enjoy the atmosphere!

#3 - since you're involved in the Iraqi Dinar, you need to be on the email newsletter list! 20,000 members and growing can't be wrong! It's 100% free, sign up here.

#4 - RV Intel, the definitive guide to understanding the Dinar. If you have any questions about this investment, you owe it to yourself to spend an evening reading this 56 page book that contains literally years of research! Get it at

More will be added to this site as time goes on, but for now this is really all you need.

Best RV wishes!

Adam Montana