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Memberships start at "Free" and go to "Priceless" - here's what you get (updated as necessary):

Benefits of Membership

  1. Basic – Join the Email Newsletter (free)

    1. IMMEDIATE notification of major events (RV, LOP, etc)
      1. Announcement email will include:
        1. Rates
        2. Locations to cash in
        3. Time to cash in
        4. Urgent notices regarding changes in tax laws etc
    2. When you first sign up, you get free training/welcome emails. About 5 emails.
    3. Progress updates several times monthly, as the situation warrants
    4. Over 25,000 subscribers can’t be wrong!

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  2. Passive – read the blog (free)

    1. Check weekly / bi-weekly for updates and digested news
    2. Major announcements are posted there
    3. HUGE backlog of archives - thousands of references to facts and information.

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  3. Active Member – Read and join the message board (free)

    1. Over 24,000 members
    2. Study information from well known Researchers and Newshounds
    3. The largest individual Dinar site on the internet, and the hub of the largest network (Dinar News Network)
    4. Have some good natured fun and meet new likeminded investors!

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  4. Serious Investor – Invest in your education with “RV Intel” (Normal price $29.95)

    1. 6 years of research compiled
    2. 56 pages of answers
    3. Instant download! Get it here.
    4. Over 1000 2000 satisfied customers
    5. Cut your learning curve by at least 80%!
    6. Audio book available.

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  5. Proactive Investor – Join the VIP Group (different rates apply)

    1. Instant email and Text Message upon RV announcement.
    2. As a member of the group, your Cash In rate is leveraged and guaranteed higher than any other place!
      1. We do this by reducing the spread (Get the Cash In Guide here if you don’t know about Spread) (This alone could be worth 10’s of thousands of dollars to you!!!)
      2. VIP members will be given a personal Certificate of membership in order to access most of these benefits.
    3. Access to all Conference Calls and the VIP section
    4. Access to Post RV investments
      1. Post RV investments are varied by:
        1. Short term / long term
        2. Risk levels
        3. Domestic / foreign
        4. Income / Growth
      2. Some of our Post RV investments will help defer and lower tax liabilities
    5. Access Post Dinar RV to a group of pre-retained attorneys, tax advisers, and financial advisers familiar with our investment.
    6. Offshore (IBC) information and opportunity
    7. Many more benefits!

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As you can see, there's something for everyone! I invite you to join our group in any way that makes sense for you, and I look forward to meeting you one day... hopefully soon!

Best RV wishes!

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