Consider... an IBC to protect your assets.

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An IBC, or "International Business Company", is the preferred form of ASSET PROTECTION used by MANY of the world's richest and most affluent people.

As you know, wealth protection is a major part of your Dinar Investment.

After all, if you hit it "BIG" with your RV returns, and then it's all gone in a couple years... what a waste that would be!!!!

Most of us don't want that!

One of the things we have been working on in the VIP is using an "IBC" to protect our wealth. (This is 100% legal.)

Here's how the IBC protects you, in a nutshell.

1. Business owners everywhere understand the tax advantages of owning a Corporation. As a business owner, you can make purchases PRE TAX... this is worth BUNDLES!

2. Major corporations (like Intel, Microsoft, etc) use "Offshore Banking" to legally protect their assets. If they make money in Australia, they pay Australian taxes... not US taxes.

We use the Seychelles to house our foreign corporations. Guess how much tax a Seychelles business pays?


"The Seychelles has a territorial basis of taxation; that is, profits are taxed only if they are derived or deemed to be derived from a source in the Seychelles. There is no capital gains tax; interest, dividends and other payments received from abroad are likewise not taxed." Source

Do you want to lower your tax liability? If so, read on!

IBC formation can easily cost $4,000 to $5,000 with 0 support. Banking can cost even more, with monthly fees and sometimes you don't even know if you really own the account!

So, if you can't afford to open an IBC now... but after the RV, it's too late to open an IBC... what in the world do we do?!?!

We have a solution!

Our VIP price to form our Corporation, including Banking in a completely secure and private bank, is less than $1999! Even better, if you're a VIP member it comes with full support!

The VIP price is a great deal... but even that is too much for some people right now...

So we've now done even better!

(As if you didn't already have enough reasons to be a VIP member at!)

Here's the scoop:

We have worked out an arrangement to get our Corporations reserved for the bare minimum fee. Once you have a Name Reserved you can "Gift" your assets to the Corporation. This can only be done through DinarVets, because we have a GREAT relationship with the people that make this happen.

Why would you Gift your dinar to your Corporation?

If the Corporation owns it, rather than you, the Corporation is responsible for it... you actually never make the money, so you don't have to pay taxes on it!

If you do this when you have major assets, you pay a major gift tax.

If you do this with minor assets... obviously the gift taxes are inconsequential.

The trick is to GIFT your dinar BEFORE the RV, as in right now!!!!

Obviously, you need to understand how an IBC works to protect your wealth.

Regular members: Listen at

VIP members: Click here to listen to my most recent WEALTH PROTECTION VIP call.

Now, I realize not all of you are VIP members. Some of you may not even know what VIP is about!

Here's a quick list:

  1. I have contacts everywhere and all I do is work on POST RV Investments and wealth protection. As a VIP member, you get access to my POST RV Re-Investment opportunities.
  2. Part of having the largest Dinar Investor group in one place is one very important fact: we have power in numbers. You are part of this group in VIP!
  3. I have worked out significantly reduced spreads with 3 major banks for VIP members. This means NO MATTER WHAT THE RATE is, you get the BEST RATE POSSIBLE as a VIP member*. More on that in my Cash In Guide.
  4. *Yes, even better than the major dealer's rate!!

  5. When you're in the VIP, you are surrounded by SERIOUS investors... not your neighbors kid that happened to buy a 25k note and now he posts on one of the blogs out there. I have personally verified that we have several investors that hold over 1 MILLION USD worth of Iraqi Dinar... each.
  6. The list goes on!

(To get VIP now, click here and then email The cost is $17 per month.)

Obviously we can't allow too many people in VIP, because that would dilute our resources and I am MUCH more interested in QUALITY over QUANTITY...

So here's what we're doing. I have permission from my attorneys to let in a few more VIP members, and we are able to continue doing our Name Reserve for a limited time.

When you start something new, like a foreign corporation - you need help!

For a limited time, I'm going to give a free week of VIP when you get the Name Reserve. I think this is a necessary item, considering how much you learn in the VIP!

Why am I doing this?

Once you see how helpful the members are in there... once you see how powerful the information in there is... I have no doubt you will be a permanent VIP member.

And as I said, there is power in numbers. Consider this a "door opener" for you, from me, for the benefit of our entire VIP group. And I want you to benefit from that. :)

After you listen to the conference calls, I know this will be a "no-brainer" for you.

Act now, though - this is a limited time offering and we had over 7000 people registered for the last call... which means these are going to sell out SOON!

The price for VIP members is $399 reduced to $379! If you're a VIP member, click here.

The price for non-VIP members is $509 for the Name Reserve, and you will get a complimentary VIP upgrade. If you're not a VIP member, click here.

Want to get an even better deal? Get your Name Reserve AND a Platinum Upgrade for only $150 more! click here for that deal!

I'll see you in VIP!

- Adam Montana



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